What is the best software to protect a PC?

Can Software Deflect Malware?
In many ways, the best software to protect PC systems are those that have been around since the early 2000s, if not before. This is because the makers of the best software to protect PC systems have adapted to a changing technological ecosystem, both online and offline. They have experience protecting in-house servers as well as cloud-backed systems. When it comes to home computers, those who make the best software to protect PC privacy are familiar names, but they achieve results in different ways now than they have before, mainly because today’s dangers are far more numerous.

Worms, viruses, DNS attacks, phishing, Trojan horses, these are some of the many ways your personal information, networks and systems can be breached or undermined. With so many different vectors, is security software as capable of protecting your PC now as it was back in the early 2000s?

Malware vs. Software

Cyber security experts now agree that preventing a breach is less important than recovering from one. Unlike in the early 2000s, we now know that breaches will happen. While good software protects against intrusion, the best software protects and detects. This is especially important when it comes to malware. Malware lurks in computer systems for indeterminate periods of time where it collects information, disturbs files, tracks users and obtains information.

Rather than attack your systems directly, malware enters systems through lax personal security measures. Anyone who downloads software from a questionable source, opens a phishing email or uses the same password for multiple devices or accounts, is opening themselves up to a malware attack. Fortunately anti-virus software can detect intrusive software. Regularly running anti-virus software will alert you to malware that is installed on your PC. From there, your software provider can assist you in determining the severity of the breach and the best way to eradicate the malware from your device.

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