Five Reasons To Have a Home Security System

Whether you’re going on vacation or want to have peace of mind each day as you head to work, having a home security installation service installed in your home is an excellent way to stay protected. While only 15 percent of American homes have a security system installed, for homes where burglaries are attempted, 60 percent end up being unsuccessful because the homeowners decided to use a home security installation service. Whether you choose to have an alarm system installed, security cameras, or a combination of both, letting a professional get the job done correctly is a smart choice. What follows are five reasons to have a home security system.

Protect Valuables
The most obvious reason to have a home security system is to prevent potential intruders from gaining access to your home where there may be valuable possessions, including electronics, paintings, or things of sentimental value. A home security installation service ensures your most expensive items stay protected.

Sensors on Doors and Windows
Sixty-seven percent of burglars gain access to a home in an entrance other than the front door. Having sensors installed at these access points can automatically alert the authorities when one is opened when it’s not supposed to be. Of course, they can be disabled during the day as you open the window for fresh air or are coming in and out of your home.

Video Monitoring
If you choose to have a security camera system installed, this enables you to keep an eye on what you can’t see when you’re not there. Many advanced security cameras on the market today include remote access with your smartphone and some even automatically alert the police if there is a security breach.

Save Money on Insurance
While your homeowner’s insurance protects you from unexpected weather events, devastation or other emergencies, if you have a home security system installed, you may save money on your monthly premiums depending on your provider.

Reduce Energy Consumption
Many security systems include options for controlling lighting and appliances. If you forget to turn them off before you leave the house, your security system will let you do that, enabling you to save money on energy.

About the Author Amanda Kuhn